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Are you sure you're alright?
True Story

Today I was in the men's room using the urinal. A nicely dressed fellow came up and started using the urinal next to mine.

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to start some small talk, even though it goes against all men's bathroom etiquette. It just came natural; even though it shouldn't of.

I piped up in a freindly voice: "How you doing?"

He stammers a bit and then replies... "fine" in a tone of voice that suggests 'I don't know you and don't want to be talking to you while we both have our penises hanging out'

Then for some unknown reason (and without thinking about it first) I say in a very concerned tone of voice, "That is an awfully bright shirt... are you sure that you are ok?"

Resulting thus, in an expected awkward pause. I zip up and contiune quickly out of the men's room. As I'm pondering this event over, I still don't know why I said that... or what in god's name it is supose to mean.

To my defense, his shirt was very brightly colored.

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